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  • Youth Imagination

    Our new site at Youth Imagination is open for submissions. We are particularly interested in creative fiction by teens, but will also accept YA stories by adult authors. Make the stories awesome, inspiring and engaging.

    YI Magazine is a new concept in online fiction. We encourage and foster creative writing, and especially writing by younger authors - teens and preteens. When stories are developed and workshopped, there's always the questions, what's next? We have the "what's next" right here - a magazine that focuses on the creative writing of the  members of this site.

    This site will remain just where it is for now, archiving all the wonderful stories we have published. Our last issue will be December 2012.

    For me, change is always semi-sweet - I'm exciting about the new site, which has a lot more features, but am sorry to be closing this site. I think in the long run, though, Youth Imagination will reach a broader audience, and better achieve Silver Pen's goal of helping young writers.

    Written on Sunday, 04 November 2012 10:16 in Home page news Be the first to comment!
  • Reinventing Kids'Magination

    As I mentioned in my previous post, we will be remodeling here at KM, and all parts of KM are on the table with respect to changes.

    One of the features we're considering is a well monitored forum for workshopping stories and discussing writing

    We are thinking of including two tiers of published stories - sort of like a contest every month where one or two youth writers get published (and paid), others, whose stories are good but maybe required some editing help from our editors, will be published (think of these as honorable mentions - there'll be no pay associated with them, just great exposure).

    In addition, we will recommend to authors whose stories need a bit more help to submit their stories to our workshop, where we can all learn as we go.

    Written on Sunday, 08 July 2012 09:06 in Home page news Be the first to comment!
  • Kids'Magination is growing up

    Kids'Magination is growing up ... but only a little. Over the next few month we will be working to broaden our reach to preteens and teens, and to shift to publishing more stories by, as well as providing writing support for, young authors. Stay tuned, and watch us grow!

    Written on Tuesday, 03 July 2012 20:30 in Home page news Be the first to comment!
  • Blogging and comments

    We now have a blog, and I'd love to hear your comments. Every week or so, we'll be posting hints, tips and links relative to writing, so come back often and see what is new. You must register to comment.

    Kids - if you're under 13 yrs old, please be sure you have your parent's permission before you register!

    Written on Saturday, 17 March 2012 21:46 in Home page news Be the first to comment!
  • Issue 9

    Issue 9 will be published in just a few days, and we have our very first young author this month. Courtney Hadley is just nine years old, and already is a published author. We hope to see more submissions from other young authors - they are the real Kids'Magination kids.

    Written on Saturday, 17 March 2012 17:45 in Home page news Be the first to comment!